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Vehicular Accident Stats in America and Texas: 5 Preventive Measures Drivers Should Take!

Vehicular Accident Stats in America and Texas: 5 Preventive Measures Drivers Should Take!

Vehicular Accident Stats in America and Texas: 5 Preventive Measures Drivers Should Take!

Aggressive drivers are one of the biggest causes of accidents due to speeding. According to the stats provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), one-third of car crash fatalities are caused by speeding and are responsible for causing over 10,000 deaths, annually.

Data shows that going just 10mph over the recommended speed can increase the chances of car accidents by nearly 10 percent. According to estimates, at least 2 million drivers involved in a car accident suffer permanent injuries (the actual number is much higher, considering more than 10 million accidents never make it to the police reports).

Vehicular Accidents in Texas

Did you know that there was no deathless day on the road in Texas in 2018? Data collected by the Texas Department of Transportation—based on police reports—states that every 2 hours and 25 minutes, one person was killed in Texas because of a vehicle traffic crash.

Even though Texas has seen a decline in the number of traffic crash fatalities by over two percent—compared to 2017—there are still thousands of people being killed and injured, annually.

Deterring a Traffic Accident

When taking your car out the driveway, make sure to cover this checklist.

  • Intoxication: Even if you’ve had just a bit of alcohol, avoid driving—especially at night. Driving under the influence is not only incredibly dangerous, but it can also get you in serious legal trouble with the possibility of jail time.
  • Texting: If you need to correspond with someone while on your way, make sure that you inform them before leaving. This way you can avoid calling and texting while driving. According to the data by the NHTSA, a simple task like dialing a phone number, while driving, can increase the chances of an accident by six times.
  • If you’re tired or haven’t had enough sleep at night, don’t take your car to work. Fatigue and restlesscan increase the chances of accidents so just call a cab or a commute via public transport till you’re back to your best self.
  • If you’re out-of-practiceand haven’t driven for a while, don’t take the car out in the heavy traffic.
  • Check the brakes, tail-lights, headlightsand other key components necessary to practice safe driving. A busted tail light or headlight can get you a traffic violation and fines so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Any number of factors can cause roadside accidents—ranging from vision problems to intoxication, problems with the vehicle and rash driving. While following preventive measures can minimize the risks of accidents, there are instances when you have no control over the accident and you’re left with a serious injury or damage to your vehicle.

In that case, you should immediately get in touch with a car accident lawyer Richmond who can best guide you through the legal problems as well as compensation and claims. If you’re anywhere in Fort Bend, Richmond, Houston or surrounding Texas areas and looking to hire car accident lawyer, give us a call at The Estes Law Firm and we can offer you assistance on settlements for financial and collateral losses.

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