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Truck accident Lawyer

Fort Bend Trucking & 18-Wheeler Accidents Attorneys Located In Richmond, Texas

Between Houston having one of the busiest ports in the nation and the strength of local industry, the number of trucks on local highways seems like it’s always increasing. With that comes an increase in the number of accidents, and with the size and weight of commercial trucks, the results of an accident between a truck and a personal car can be devastating. While the overall legal principle that a party who is at fault for an accident is responsible to compensate anyone else involved for their losses applies, there are also special considerations when it comes to 18-wheeler accidents.

Truck accidents can cause major injuries. With the help of a reputable truck accident lawyer, you can recover some of the financial costs. If you’re in Richmond, Fort Bend or Houston and are looking for a truck accident attorney, contact us.

Truck Safety Laws

Both the state and federal governments impose a number of restrictions on trucking activities. This includes weight limits, limits on driver hours, and requirements on how loads are secured. The underlying purpose of all of these rules is to ensure the safety of all of those on the road. This means that if a truck driver violated these rules, the violation can be used as evidence of their responsibility for the accident.

Proving a Truck Accident Claim

Trucking regulations as well as the trucking companies’ operational needs mean that there is almost always extensive documentation about a truck’s activity. This includes when, where, and how it was loaded, how long the driver was on the road without a break, maintenance records, and other information that could become critical evidence in a lawsuit. In addition, nearly all trucks now contain a black box device that can show the truck’s exact movement before an accident.

If you’v e suffered injuries, trauma, or financial loss due to someone else’s reckless driving, driver fatigue, speeding, or other negligent act, then a truck and semi-truck accident lawyer from The Estes Law Firm, P.C. can help you take appropriate legal action. In some cases, the solution may be reaching a monetary settlement with the trucking company responsible for y our accident. In others, litigation may be necessary if you’re looking to obtain the compensation you deserve.

At The Estes Law Firm, P.C., we understand how devastating an accident with a truck can be. For this reason, our attorney s are dedicated to working through the process as quickly and painlessly as possible. We’re here to answer all of your questions, present you with your full range of legal options, and, most importantly , help you seek justice.

Working with an experienced truck accident attorney who knows how to obtain this evidence and use it to your advantage may increase your chances of success. If you’re near Fort Bend, Houston, Katy, or the nearby communities, call The Estes Law Firm, P.C. to schedule a free consultation.