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How to Navigate a Hit-And-Run Accident Claim

How to Navigate a Hit-And-Run Accident Claim

How to Navigate a Hit-And-Run Accident Claim

Every minute multiple hit and run accidents occur in the United States. Hit and run accidents include any accident where the negligent person leaves the scene without providing their contact details.

It’s considered a crime to leave the scene without giving out contact details and can lead to suspension of driving license, hefty fines, and even jail time. Let’s learn how to navigate a hit-and-run claim!

How to Navigate a Hit-And-Run Accident Claim?

Firstly, you should assess the scope of your injuries and call emergency responders. Moreover, call the police to the scene of the incident. If you’ve sustained serious injuries, it’s critical that you are provided immediate medical attention to prevent them from exacerbating.

Take pictures of your injuries and your damaged vehicle, if possible, because it will serve as evidence of the collision. Once you get proper medical care, you should seek out compensation for your sufferings.

Some people don’t make a legal claim and file a lawsuit with their insurance provider and end up agreeing to a low settlement. Hence, it’s recommended that you reject any offer made by your insurance provider and explore your legal options with a competent personal injury lawyer.

Navigating the Claims Process

Your legal case depends largely on the identification of the driver. If you managed to see the license plate number or remember details of the negligent driver’s vehicle—such as car make, model, and color—it will be easier for police to find the party involved in your crash.

Identifying the negligent driver will help you file a personal injury lawsuit and obtain rightful compensation for your loss and sufferings. The damages may include medical expenses, loss of income, and more.

Hiring a legal representation

Getting in touch with skillful personal injury lawyers will help you protect your legal rights. Your attorney will provide you a roadmap to navigate your claim process while keeping your best interests in their minds.

Your lawyer will also help file the claim, gather evidence, testify witnesses (if any), and devise a strong case in your favor to help you get recompense that you deserve after such a serious violation.

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