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How Much Compensation Can You Expect From a Dog Bite Injury Claim?

How Much Compensation Can You Expect From a Dog Bite Injury Claim?

How Much Compensation Can You Expect From a Dog Bite Injury Claim?

Every year, more than 800,000 people in the US get medical treatment for dog bites. Depending on the applicable laws and the circumstances, dog owners are liable if their pets hurt someone.

Hence, a person who suffers from a dog bite can pursue a personal injury claim to get rightful compensation for their sufferings.

Learning about the types of compensation will help you determine the amount of compensation you might be entitled to obtain:

Medical Bills

The injuries inflicted by a victim due to a dog bite require immediate medical attention and—in many cases—long-term medical care.

Therefore, the victim is awarded compensation for the expenses related to hospital services, doctor fees, medicine, and necessary psychological treatment.

Moreover, if the injury aggravates a pre-existing medical condition of the victim, the dog owner will have to cover the additional costs of treatment as well.

Pain and Suffering

A victim bitten by a dog may suffer from excruciating physical pain and mental trauma. The extensive medical treatment and physical pain can lead to severe emotional distress.

For instance, the victim may become afraid of getting out of their homes due to fear of dogs or experience anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, PSTD, or other psychological issues.

Hence, the victim is awarded damages for their pain and suffering. Also, the court may also award additional compensation if the emotional problems are expected to continue.

 Dog Bite Injury ClaimLost Income

If the victim of a dog bite has a job and has to take time off from work, they are entitled to receive compensation for lost wages.

In addition to that, if the nature of their injury prevents them from working in the future, they are also compensated for the loss in earning capacity.

Loss of Consortium

Loss of consortium refers to the deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship i.e. loss of companionship and intimacy.

The damages for loss of consortium can be incredibly difficult to quantify and may require an expert’s advice for putting an accurate monetary value on a claim.

Punitive Damages

If the dog owner has a history of reckless conduct—for instance, letting an aggressive dog run loose—they might have to pay extra money to the victim.

These punitive damages are awarded by the court to send a message to discourage similar actions in the future.

Get a lawyer!

Contact a competent personal injury lawyer in your area who will help you get maximum compensation for your injuries sustained due to a dog bite. Your lawyer will ensure that your legal rights are protected throughout the process

Your attorney will gather proof and formulate a solid case on your behalf to help you secure the highest amount of damages that you rightfully deserve for your pain and suffering.

If you’re based in Richmond, Texas, get in touch with us today! At The Estes Law Firm, we have a team of experienced personal injury attorney Richmond who can help you to get highest amount of payout for your dog bite injury claim.

To schedule a free consultation and discuss your case, give us a call at (713) 533-8895.



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