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4 Common Holiday Travel Accidents

4 Common Holiday Travel Accidents

4 Common Holiday Travel Accidents

Each year hundreds of lives are lost around the holiday season due to drunk drivers. December has the highest rate of fatalities resulting from road accidents with alcohol-impaired crash fatalities accounting for over a quarter of them.

Historical trends show that the highways have the highest concentration of traffic during holiday seasons. The deadliest holiday is Thanksgiving with 421 fatalities and over 48,000 serious injuries reported last year.

Common Causes of Travel Accidents around Holiday Season

Higher-than-usual alcohol consumption around the holidays is one of the main causes of increasing numbers of road accidents. Other causes include:

Road Congestion — more traffic on the roads leads to a higher risk of accidents and fatalities.

Stress and Road Rage — During the busy holiday season, the stress of driving and added responsibilities can lead to negligent driving behaviors and road rage.

Failure To Maintain Vehicle — Poor vehicle maintenance and not preparing the car for the harsh winter is a leading contributor to roadside accidents.

Bad Weather — Thanksgiving, New Year, and Christmas are winter holidays and are often accompanied by terrible weather. Slick roads and low visibility due to snow and sleet can be dangerous even with extra precautions.

 Common Travel accidents around HolidaysCommon Types of Accidents around Holiday Season

It’s important to know that road accidents aren’t limited to car crashes. While most travel accidents involve vehicles, there are plenty of other common types of accidents that can result in serious injuries or even fatalities. These include:

Slips, Trips And Falls:

The roads are full of hazards during the cold winter months. With the holiday rush, it is quite common to see people slipping or falling near or on the roads which can have disastrous consequences.

If you are planning on going Christmas shopping on foot, you might want to put on some sturdy boots or snowshoes to reduce the risk of slipping or falling. Also, be aware of your surroundings to make sure you don’t trip over something on the sidewalk and go flying into the traffic.

Car Crash:

As stated before, car crashes are quite common around the holiday season. The high concentration of vehicles on roads around holidays creates a greater potential for accidents. Many people travel to their families in different states and end up driving for longer than they should. This severely impairs their ability to drive perfectly which can lead to more accidents.

Cycling Accidents:

Many people opt for cycling to their work or to get their daily errands done during the holiday season to bypass the congested roads. However, the increased number of people driving under the influence around the holidays can increase the likelihood of someone clipping you while you are on your bicycle.

Motorbike Accidents:

Motorbikes are notoriously dangerous vehicles. Most accidents involving motorbikes usually end in fatalities even while wearing proper helmets. The risk of crashing your bike increases during the holiday season with the added number of vehicles on the road.

The slippery and wet roads caused by the constant snow and sleet during the winter months don’t help either.

The National Safety Council recommends avoiding the use of motorbikes, especially around winter to avoid the risk of serious accidents.

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