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4 Advantages of Getting a Dashcam for Your Car

4 Advantages of Getting a Dashcam for Your Car

4 Advantages of Getting a Dashcam for Your Car

We’ve all enjoyed watching YouTube videos of the hilarious failed attempts of bad drivers trying to get away after causing a crash, only to be caught due to the video footage of the incident captured by a dashcam!

With the increasing number of distracted drivers who are more focused on their phones rather than the road and instances of people committing insurance fraud, dashcams have become quite popular in recent years.

With cameras ranging from $100 to $400 only, dashcam sales have gone up by 20% in just the previous year.

The handy devices are designed to be easily fitted to any vehicle type and model and can capture high-quality images and video feeds. Many drivers opt for both front and rear vehicle cameras to ensure maximum evidence in case of an accident.

Here’s a deeper insight into some of the essential factors why investing in a dashcam might be the smartest decision you ever make:

Efficient and Real-Time Proof of Accidents:

In most instances of car accidents, the guilty drivers try to pin the blame on the victims. In many cases, they even get away with it due to a lack of evidence suggesting otherwise.

A dashcam provides evidence by recording the footage of the accident. They save the victims a lot of hassle by offering solid proof of the guilty party in case of a court trial.

Helps Capture Crimes

Many dashcams come with added features such as motion detection and alarms. The unique benefit of having an advanced dashcam allows you to capture any crime even while the car isn’t turned on. The dashcam turns on immediately when it detects motion in case anybody tries to break in or crashes into it while it’s parked.

This can not only help identify the individual responsible for the crime but can also come in handy when filing the insurance claim.

Captures Bad Drivers:

Drunk driving and road rage are two of the most common causes of car accidents in Texas. Dashcams come in handy even when you aren’t involved in an accident by capturing footage of such drivers.

They offer useful proof of bad or undisciplined drivers which can be used by law enforcement agencies and insurance companies to take proper action against them.

Prevents Insurance Fraud:

With the daily price hikes and the bad economy, many people have started to resort to unethical practices. One of the most common ways people try to extort money from potential victims is by pretending to get hit by their cars.

The only way to prove their fraud is by having video footage of their attempt. The footage can be forwarded to relevant authorities such as fraud investigation units, law enforcement agencies or insurance companies to prevent unnecessary payments!

Get a lawyer!

While having footage of a car accident can be vital for claiming compensation and protecting yourself against fraud, having a reliable car accident lawyer in Richmond is essential too. A professional and experienced lawyer will gather additional evidence if required and help formulate a solid case to ensure maximum compensation for your claim.

The Estes Law Firm based in Richmond, Texas, can help you get the highest amount of payout for your personal injury claim. Our team of highly experienced lawyers has unparallel knowledge of the Texas legal system and filing personal injury claims.

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